Manufactured from 20 gage steel and powder coated for aesthetics and durability, Porch Pirate Lock Box will secure your delivered packages and add beauty and value to your home. Porch Pirate Lock Box has a unique riveted look, unlike any other that resembles a treasure chest to lock up your valuables! Porch Pirate Lock Box is manufactured with a hinged lid, locking hasp and riveted double layered construction that makes it super strong and tamper resistant! With 3 ways to secure Porch Pirate Lock Box to your Porch, 1) bolt it directly to the concrete floor or composite deck material thru the mounting holes on the bottom of the box. 2) bolt it directly to your house thru the mounting holes on the back of the box.

Note; it is recommended that Porch Pirate Lock Box be secured using one or both of the first 2 methods mentioned above. When selecting a spot to mount and secure the box, take into consideration low spots where water collects or areas where heavy amounts of rain directly fall onto the box. Porch Pirate Lock Box is not waterproof and was never designed that way.

Porch Pirate Lock Box