The Jeep Lock Box

"This is a huge edition to our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon!"

-Maddox from Fort Collins,. CO

Jeep Lock Box! It is a removable, lockable, durable, security box that was designed to be quick and easy to install and quick and easy to remove! Jeep Lock Box  protects your personal items or gear while your top is off! Jeep Lock Box is coated inside and out with LINE-X bed coating for extreme durability! Jeep Lock Box is designed for 2007 thru present JK and JL 4 door Jeeps! Just put Jeep Lock Box in the cargo area behind the back seats, locate the cables on each side of the box and the D-rings on the floor of the cargo area that are at the sides of the Jeep Lock Box. Simply stretch  the cable to the D-ring and clip a padlock thru each attaching them! When you want to take the Jeep Lock Box out simply un lock the locks and carry the Jeep Lock Box out by the cables, they double as handles!

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