How do I secure my Porch Pirate Lock Box to my concrete, wood or Trex (composite) porch?

We provide screws and large washers with every order to mount your box to concrete (blue screws), wood (gold screws) and Trex (composite)(gold screws) porches. For wood or Tex (composite) porches, simply put the washers on the gold screws, locate the 2 holes on the bottom of your box and screw the screws down thru the holes. You can add silicon or liquid nails to the bottom of the box before you screw it down to make it more secure. Also, there’s 2 holes on the back panel that allow you to screw the box to your house, use the gold screws with the washers provided to mount the box this way. It is recommended to mount your box utilizing these 3 methods. O concrete porches, go to Home Depot and find a 5/32nd concrete drill and if you don’t have a hammer dill rent one from Home Depot. Mark your holes on the bottom of the box with a marker, move your box aside and drill your holes where you marked them. When finished drilling your holes locate the blue screws , put the washers on them and screw then into the concrete. We also recommend putting Liquid Nails or silicon to the bottom of the box before screwing it down and screwing the back to the house. You can also hire a handyman to mount it. If local we can send someone out for a small charge.

What if I get two deliveries?

We have made a double lid box for this reason. It is the same size box with a divider in the middle with 2 lids and 2 locks and is now available to order.

What size is the Porch Pirate Lock Box?

The dimensions of our box is 22 inches wide x 13 inches deep x 16 inches tall.

What colors are available?

The colors of the boxes that are on the website are what’s available. We will add more colors and delete colors that are not popular.

Can I order a custom color?

Yes you can for an extra charge of $100 we will make your box your color. Contact us for this option.

Can you make me a bigger or different size box?

Yes we can! Call or email with your dimensions and we’ll give you a quote for your custom box! Expect 2 to 4 weeks delivery time and extra cost for design and material upon agreeing on a size, color and receipt of payment. All custom orders will be quoted and charged in full before production starts. Colors and shades of colors may vary, we cannot guarantee to exactly match your color or shade but will do our best, please be a little flexible. We will provide a color chart or sample. Viewing color samples on your computer and the actual color may slightly vary.

If my delivered packages are stolen doesn’t Amazon or the manufacture send me a new one?

No, All of the businesses that are delivering packages are taking pictures of their deliveries sitting on your porch to prove that they got them there. When the new iPhone or iPad you ordered and had delivered are stolen it’s on you to replace them. If you have a Ring Doorbell you’ll get a nice picture of your thief for the police but this type of crime is low priority on law enforcements list and conviction and recovery are unlikely to happen.

How does my delivery driver know to use my new Porch Pirate Lock Box?

When ordering an item, look for the “notes” section and tell them to look for your Porch Pirate Lock Box on your Porch and put your packages inside the box and lock it. Also, you can tell your driver to use your Porch Pirate Lock Box, they will make a note of it for their route and will use it from now on.

What kind of lock do I use?

Any type of padlock or combination lock will work. There are smart locks currently available on the market. We are in the process of adding a Bluetooth compatible keypad in the near future. We are currently working on it.